The Pakistani Referendum

October 12th, 2009

In Pakistan the overwhelming majority of both political and religious parties have rejected the referendum. Their impact on public opinion has however been minimal in turning people against Musharraf. Due to corruption and short sighted political objectives many parties in Pakistan have been largely discredited, particularly over the last decade in which the country has seen much political unrest.
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The Iraqi Referendum

September 28th, 2009

Over the past week the UN along with the Independent Election Commission have reviewed the votes in the Constitutional Referendum. Today, the results and the passage of the Constitution was certified. Sunni populated areas were largely against the Referendum, although it still passed with 78% across the nation, with only two provinces failing to pass it. On December 15th there will be a nation wide Parliament election under the newly passed constitution.
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Referendums In Politics Ineffective

August 20th, 2009

Supposedly referendums in politics is positive in that it promotes democracy, allows people to voice concerns with politicians, and brings about change that citizens want. These are misconceptions of referendums in politics for several reasons. There is so much variety in society that there is never just one answer for everyone. A referendum is not a practical way to deal with complex problems. In the end citizens make a choice and do not have to be responsible for their votes.
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Referendum politics beat up media

August 20th, 2009

With the amount of word slinging that goes on between politicians when dealing with referendums in politics it is no wonder the media feels bruised and battered as the two opposing sides continue to argue over values. Politicians often abuse the media by pushing their own agendas and view points rather then offering honest and conclusive information. For instance the constant war in Africa is often painted by one side or the other leaving both readers and media people wondering what is actually going on in the struggles.
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Political Referendum Experimentation

August 20th, 2009

Does requesting information from citizens about their available income and how it is used effect their vote in a political referendum? This is the question being asked from interpretations of American household data collected from surveys, and a political referendum regarding the Kyoto Protocol. A procedure called the contingent valuation method is applied to estimate a households willingness to pay for a split-sample treatment: Some where sent a reminder of household budgets and others required to fill out forms.
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Referendum In Politics Corrupt

August 20th, 2009

A referendum in politics of Venezuela reversed a constitutional clause which put a limit of two consecutive terms for a President. Now one can remain a President for as long as they like. The original referendum in December 2007 was shot down by Venezuelans, but President Chavez was determined to have this clause reversed. Chavez campaigned heavily, using government funds, and got a referendum that ended how he wanted. This referendum questionnaire was so convoluted that it barely made sense.
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Referendums In Economics And Referendums in politics Benefits Swiss Citizens

August 20th, 2009

Referendums in politics had a direct impact on social welfare coverage of Swiss citizens. During the first oil price crisis Switzerland suffered from very high unemployment. At that time the Swiss government created mandatory unemployment insurance. This social welfare system did not provide a significant amount of relief for unemployed Swiss citizens. Through a referendum in politics coverage was increased giving the people of Switzerland immediate benefits, and extensions in the their social welfare program.
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