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Friday, January 29th, 2010

Reviewing of the votes under the constitutional referendum is being done by the UN accompanied by the Election Commission in Iraq. With the areas having majority of Sunni population against the referendum, the constitution’s passage and results were checked and certified today. A national Parliament election is the next task on the list to be undertaken on the 15th of December under the new constitution which has been approved and passed by all except two of the provinces.
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Referendum politics beat up media

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

With the amount of word slinging that goes on between politicians when dealing with referendums in politics it is no wonder the media feels bruised and battered as the two opposing sides continue to argue over values. Politicians often abuse the media by pushing their own agendas and view points rather then offering honest and conclusive information. For instance the constant war in Africa is often painted by one side or the other leaving both readers and media people wondering what is actually going on in the struggles.
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